Wyoming in World War II

According to a report compiled from official sources by Wyoming's U. S. Senator Joseph C. O'Mahoney, 217 Wyoming men have been reported killed, injured, captured, or missing during American operations on foreign fronts before the Sicilian invasion (July, 1943).

This report includes a complete list, and shows where the men are from, as well as the branch of the service they belong.

According to the Senator's report 10 army men and 33 navy and Marine Corps personnel are dead, 43 army men and 18 navy and Marine Corps men are prisoners, 16 army and 33 of the navy and Marine Corps are missing, 14 army men and 24 of the marine and navy personnel are wounded.

In addition seven civilians are missing and 18 are reported as internees.


Bandemer, Harold William, Seaman, first class, USN, Lingle
Bauer, Victor C, Corporal, USMC, Garland
Benson, Robert Gerald, Signalman, third class, USN, Rawlins
Buckner, Albert D., assistant cook, USMC, Lander
Carlson, John A., Private, USMC, Casper
Chase, Guy Laverne, Seaman, second class, USN, Casper
Christensen, Elmer Emil, Machinist's Mate, second class, USN, Buffalo
Davis, James Bradley, Fireman, first class, USN, Wheatland
Button, William C, Sergeant, USMC, Cody
Eisele, George Raymond, Seaman, second class, USNR, Sheridan
isher, Delbert Ray, Seaman, first class, USN, Laramie
Hanson, George, Machinist's Mate, first class, USN, Laramie
Harmon Frank Subert, seaman second class, USN, Cheyenne
Japp, Edwin Henry, Seaman, second class, USNR, Upton
Jones, Charles William, Metalsmith, second class, USN, Casper
Jones, Irvin Eugene, Seaman, second class, USN, Byron
Lane, Edward Wallace, Coxswain, USN, Cheyenne
Larson, Joseph Ernest, Fireman, first class, USN, Douglas
Linton, George Edward, Fireman, second class, USN, Wheatland
McGauran, Raphael R., Sergeant, USMC, Laramie
Moore, Ray A., Private, first class, USMC, Powell
Morgareidge, James Orries, Fireman, second class, USN, Ten Sleep
Murphy, John, Jr., Private, first class, USMC, Worland
Musgrave, Francis Dewey, Seaman, first class, USN, Sinclair
Offenbacher, R. L., Second Lieutenant, USMC, Casper
Phillips, Harold Gordon, Seaman, first class, USN, Sheridan
Schmidt, Herman, Gunner's Mate, third class, USN, Sheridan
Steele, Charles Aron, Ship's Cook, second class, USN, Cheyenne
Stein, Walter Claud, Seaman, first class, USN, Cheyenne
Thompson, John Scott, Aviation Radioman, third class, USN, Worland
Wallenstein, Richard Henry, Seaman, first class, USN, Rawlins
Wolney, George James, Coxswain, USN, Monarch
Wood, Jack S., Private, first class, USMC, Rock Springs


Byrd, Robert G., Private, USMC, Laramie
Chaney, Clarence C, Private, USMC, Casper
Davis, Clenroe Willard, Seaman, first class, USN, Laramie
Davis, James O., Private, first class, USMC, Casper
Edwards, Billy R., Private, USMC, Rawlins
Fraley, Harold D., Jr., Private, USMC, Casper
Gill, Glenn G., Private, USMC, Moorcroft
Gillespie, Albert Calloway, Shipfitter, second class, USN, Rock River
Grovum, Elden F., Private, USMC, Casper
Hardee, Charles S., Corporal, USMC, Casper
Hoel, Gene D., Private, USMC, Gillette
Manias, Theodore J., Private, first class, USMC, Casper
Merrill, Arthur Curtis, Aviation Radioman, second class, USNR, Lovell
McCarthy, Daniel P., Private, USMC, Casper
Myers, Roy Alfred, Gunner's Mate, third class, USNR, Powell
Myhre, Leonard Marvin, Seaman, second class, USNR, Kaycee
Nichols, Frank Wilson, Electrician's Mate, third class, USN, Encampment
Sheltren, Walter Allen, Chief Fire Controlman, USN, Evanston
Smith, Arthur Loran Jr., Radioman, first class, USN, Worland
Stewart, Jesse L., Technical Sergeant, USMC, Green River
Trujillo, Joe H., Private, first class, USMC, Rock Springs
Tyrelle, Elwood Lee, Private, USMC, Gillette
Vanderpas, Charles W., Private, first class, USMC, Greybull
Vesey, William K., Corporal, USMC, Casper


Clark, Jesse Neilson, Boatswain's Mate, first class, USN, Mountain View
Corsberg, Howard C, Private, first class, USMC, Laramie
Cusack, Ralph Roger, Radioman, third class, USN, Greybull
Davis, Howard Earl, Yeoman, second class, USN, Gillette
Dicken, Marion Upton, Seaman, second class, USN, Torrington
Dugger, Harold Wayne, Seaman, second class, USNR, Powell
Flesher, Stanley Russell, Seaman, first class, USN, Story
Gunnerson, Carl Fredrick, Fireman, second class, USN, Laramie
Harrison, Morse Grant, Aviation Radioman, third class, USN, Wamsutter
Henetz, Michael, Private, first class, USMC, Rock Springs
Hunter, John Stevenson, Torpedoman, first class, USN, Kemmerer
Kinnison, Willis Leroy, Seaman, second class, USNR, Cheyenne
Lawson, Raymond Paul, Chief Machinist, USN, Cheyenne
Lindsey, Kenneth C, Private, first class, USMC, Gillette
Marceau, Wilfrid Louis, Seaman, first class, USN, Winton
Mariette, Maxwell Albert, Pharmacist's Mate, second Class, USN, Foxpark
McFarland, John Arthur, Seaman, first class, USN, Cheyenne
Miller, Fred James, apprentice seaman, USN, Rock Springs
Montgomery, Robert Allen, radioman, first class, USN, Casper
Nebel, Alma Rex, Corporal, USMC, Lovell
Oelke, Clayton Lavelle, machinist's mate, second class, USN, Sheridan
Osborn, Arthur Raymond, radioman, second class, USN, Pine Bluffs
Piasecki, Alexander L., Corporal, USMC, Acme
Robertson, Robert Nehls, fireman, first class, USN, Thermopolis
Smith, Raymond E., mess sergeant, USMC, Recluse
Stetz, Frank Charles, apprentice seaman, USNR, Sheridan
Stout, Roy Albert, signalman, third class, USN, Farson
Valhusky, Arthur John, aviation machinist's mate, second class, USN, Hudson
Vesey, Kenneth L., Private, USMC, Casper
Vospahl, Arthur Henry, Lieutenant, USN, Laramie
Walker, Harry Orville, Coxswain, USN, Sheridan
Whitehead, Wallace Albert, storekeeper, second class, USN
Wollam, J. P., Private, USMC, Powell

Prisoners of War

Basye, Frank David, Chief Quartermaster, USN, Jackson
Bissett, Everett A., Private, USMC, Casper
Christensen, Alfred Bennett, Private, first class, USMC, Kaycee
Crichton, Clint Millard, Private, first class, USMC, Burlington
Dickeson, Truman M., Private, first class, USMC, Thermopolis
Dillman, Frank H., Corporal, USMC, Lander
Frost, Lynn Wm., Private, first class, USMC, Casper
McCoy, Clarence William, Boatswain's mate, first class, USN, Newcastle
McDowell, Jack W., Sergeant, USMC, Casper
McVay, William A., Private, first class, USMC, Thermopolis
Miller, Jack "Z", Private, first class, USMC, Rock Springs
Murphy, Robert Bruce, Private, first class, USMC, Thermopolis
Reed, Clifford Milton, Private, first class, USMC, Story
Salsbury, Richard LeRoy, Pharmacist's mate, USN, Cheyenne
Sohn, Rosse E., Field music corporal, USMC, Rock Springs
Winterholler, John, First Lieutenant, USMC, Lovell
Stewart, Jesse L., Tech. Sgt., USMC, Green River
Kirkpatrick, Edward L., Private, first class, USMC, Sheridan

Civilian Internees

The following twenty-five men were employed at Wake, Guam and Cavite, by Pacific naval air base contractors, at the time of Japanese occupation of those areas:

Fisher, Marvin C, interned
Unger, Lewis O., missing
Bainster, Raymond E., internee
Christler, Elmer J., internee
Cooper, Robert P., internee
Fenex, Jack A., (also of Glenrock), missing
Freestone, Wm. F., missing
Jernberg, Andrew D., internee
McDonald, Jos. T., internee
Murphy, Gerald L., internee
Patterson, Howard C, internee
Esmay, Wayne E., missing
Fox Park
Herndon, Pat H., internee
Johnson, Lee, Jr., internee
Schmidt, Henry J., internee
Johnson, Axel R., internee
Robertson, Chas. B., internee
Pease, Gordon H., missing
Rock Springs
McTee, John R., internee
Scott, Lawrence R., internee
Graham, Lyle E., missing
Simpers, Wm. T., missing
Groshart, Jay A., internee;
O'Neal, John H., missing
Nelson, Edward A., internee

Army Personnel

Christenson, Alvin C, Private, prisoner
Hale Blair, 2nd Lieutenant, missing
Giachino, Martin, Private, prisoner
Hamilton, Duke L., Jr., Tech. Sergeant, missing
Rosenberry, Harry, Corporal, prisoner; and
Russell, Roland W., 2nd Lieutenant, wounded
Scott, Richard, Private, prisoner
Johnson, Keith E. Staff Sergeant, prisoner
Schliske, Elmer E., Corporal, prisoner
Barhaug, Raganar, 2nd Lieutenant, missing;
Forsythe, Donald B., Private, prisoner;
Goldtrap, John C, Major, prisoner;
Helton, Virgil M., Private 1st Class, wounded;
Musfelt, Roy W., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Spalding, Jack A., 1st Lieutenant, dead.
Brevdy, Oscar L., Sergeant, prisoner
Calder, Wm. H., Private 1st Class, prisoner
Colvin, Wayne W., Private 1st Class, prisoner
Defreese, Norman E., 1st Lieutenant, dead
Hill, Allen S., Staff Sergeant, wounded
Holsteda, Robert E., 1st Lieutenant, wounded
King, Garrett C, 1st Lieutenant, dead
Kline, Allan T., Private, wounded
Kozel, Walter, 2nd Lieutenant, missing
McSorley, Raymond A., 2nd Lieutenant, missing
Orr, James S., 2nd Lieutenant, dead;
Schmidt, John J., Private 1st Class, prisoner
True, Joe W., Staff Sergeant, prisoner
Weppner, John J., 1st Lieutenant, wounded
Yonkoff, John, Tech. 5th Grade, wounded
Zubiri, Leslie B., 2nd Lieutenant, missing
Vaughn, Floyd N., Sergeant, wounded
Moore, Carol C, Corporal, prisoner
Pacheco, Reginald, A., Private, prisoner
Mitchell, Leland E., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Schilling, Wm., Private 1st Class, prisoner
Bowman, Joseph N., Jr., dead
Fort Washakie
Burnett, Finn G., Tech. Sergeant, missing
Suazo, Tito C, Private, wounded
Birdsall, Robert B., Tech. Sergeant, prisoner
Hankin, Howard H., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Hoover, Chester L., 2nd Lieutenant, missing
Deitchler, Floyd J., Private 1st Class, wounded

Brown, Elmer B., Sergeant, missing

Hessenthaler, Chas. F., Tech 5th Grade, wounded;
Leach, Albert L., Sergeant, prisoner
Slagowski, Clyde L., Staff Sergeant, missing
Cramer, Bruce O., Private, prisoner
Perry, Arthur Jr., 1st Lieutenant, dead

Degman, John Thos., 2nd Lieutenant, missing
Dawson, Stanley W., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
McDonald, Jas. Samuel, Captain, prisoner;
Roney, Donald R., Private, wounded;
Young, Jas. M., Private 1st Class, missing
Telk, John F., Private, missing
Beedle, Clyde E., Sergeant, prisoner;
Clements, Robert R., Private 1st Class, dead;
Griebel, Robert E., missing;
Logan, Malcolm H., Tech., Sergeant, prisoner
Rock Springs
Cornford, Russell V., dead
Bolinger, Fred J., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Boyle, Albert W., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Jesser, Robert E., Private, prisoner;
Kelly, Gerald F., Private, prisoner;
Livingston, Raymond P., Private, prisoner;
Wall, James R., Private, prisoner;
Olson, Marvin J., Staff Sergeant, prisoner
Chalfant, Rex C, Private, wounded
Sampi, Kenneth C, Private, prisoner
Ten Sleep
Rosetti, Louie, Tech. Sergeant, missing;
Yost, Clifford H., Tech. Sergeant, prisoner
Brunk, Willis L., Corporal, wounded; Stanley,
James W., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Todd, Roy A., Master Sergeant, died in Japanese prison camp
Kieffer, Warren J., Private 1st Class, prisoner;
Sharp, Gerald W., Private 1st Class, prisoner
Anderson, Marlyn B., Private 1st Class, dead

Miller, Rolland E., Private 1st Class, prisoner
Randall, Chas. E., Sergeant, prisoner;
Wilson, Francis E., 2nd Lieutenant, missing
Bower, Rodger D., Captain, missing;
Chenoweth, Rolland E., Private, prisoner;
Johnson, Jas. S., 1st Lieutenant, missing.

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Source: Annals of Wyoming, Volume 15, April 1943, Wyoming Historical Department, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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