Wyoming Counties

As you can see from the list below most of the counties are waiting to be adopted.  We have placed several links on the Wyoming Index page for some of the counties and we will continue to list them as we get them built.  If you are interested, please use our Contact Page.

County Created Formed Coordinator
Albany 1868 Original  
Big Horn 1896 Sheridan, Johnson, Fremont Counties  
Campbell 1911 Weston and Crook Counties  
Carbon 1868 Original  
Converse 1888 Laramie and Albany Counties  
Crook 1875 Laramie and Albany Counties  
Fremont 1884 Sweetwater County.  
Goshen 1911 Laramie County.  
Hot Springs 1911 Fremont County, Big Horn, Park Counties  
Johnson 1875 Carbon Sweetwater Counties  
Laramie 1867 Original  
Lincoln 1911 Uinta County  
Natrona 1888 Carbon County.  
Niobrara 1911 Converse County  
Park 1909 Big Horn County  
Platte 1911 Laramie County  
Sheridan 1888 Johnson County  
Sublette 1921 Fremont and Lincoln Counties  
Sweetwater 1867 Original  
Teton 1921 Laramie County  
Uinta 1869 Original  
Washakie 1911 Big Horn County  
Weston 1890 Crook County  

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